Saturday, February 13, 2010

Baju size??

7 months and 11 days to go before i will be officially Mrs. Syed :) tua kata, lg dikira harinye, lg lama nk wat camne? Need to look fwd for smthg kn ;)

So far i think ade lah dlm 50% have been done for the wedding. Let me see:

  • Dates for nikah and sanding for both sides dh set 
  • Caterers dh book (for both Nikah and Sanding) 
  • Attended Kursus Pra-Perkahwinan 
  • Pelamin nikah and bersanding (my side) dh book 
  • Makeup artist - dh book for all 3 events 
  • Baju nikah dh tempah 
  • Baju bersanding (for my side) dh book
    Speaking of was not an easy task to search for it. Lebih2 lg with my size kn? *sigh* Kesian org2 yg plus size mcm aku nih. Susah sgt nk cr bj for sanding. Nk cr ikut warna yg kita suka....xde saiz. Bila jumpe yg ade saiz, colour lak bukan ikut theme @ limited choices @ even worse.....terrible design + awful colour = horrible dress! Dun plus size ladies (such as myself) deserve to look beautiful as well?? We are soooo denied of our rights to be treated fairly by the world of fashion...esp. bridal fashion :(

    Paling x blh blah is bila u enter a bridal boutique and tanye "U ade x bj pengantin saiz besar?".....and as usual, the girl will always give u this sympathetic smile...pandang kita atas bwh....and slowly reply "xde la".Perghh...skt tul ati time tuh! 

    So, although i had always dreamed of a Lilac theme wedding....i had to settle for a colour yg senang utk dicari bj nye. Ramai yg advise utk tempah je, senang citer...but buat ape? A wedding dress would cost you anything from RM3K and above (tuh kalo yg nk vogue2 la kn...). Thn you would prbbly wear it only once in your entire life time....unless u've decided to practice Bigamy....lain lar citer kn?? huhu...So i had decided to just sewa je bj for sanding. But bj nikah mmg la tempah and the cost utk tempah, x la semahal bj bersanding....x sampai RM500 pun.

    After spending hours online (googling for plus size bj sanding) and also going in and out of several bridal boutiques kat area Bandar Baru Bangi and Kajang....i finally found a few boutiques yg ade sediakan bj utk org plus sizes:
    • Azue Bridal in BBB
    • Zee Ika in Seksyen 8, BBB
    • Pesona Asmara in Seksyen 9, BBB
    • Kimie in Seksyen 9, BBB(also available in Kajang)
      Warna yg available sumenye sama je....merah, silver, gold. Kimie in Kajang has more choices of colours but malas nk gi saner, ssh nk parking. Luckily lar masa bincang dgn mama, we've pre-decided on gold....and Pesona Asmara punye selection sgt cantik and price dia very, gold it is! Bj sanding tuh is a 3 piece dress...ala2 long jubah. Love it so much :).

      Next week cr bj sanding for Syed's side pulak. Theme colour belah lelaki is silver. Stay tuned....


      1. Salam kenal...

        I pun sedang berfikir di mana nak cari baju plus size nie, area kl maybe senang skit, duduk di ceruk rantau perak nie, alahai pening kepala..

        Tapi nak tahu juga alamat penuh pesona asmara tue, maybe i boleh turun sana to have a look..

        Anyway, happy planning...

      2. hi nuraarin,

        Pesona Asmara tuh is in Seksyen (, Bandar Baru Bangi. Kat atas maybank. I rs so far lah....they have the best selections utk org plus size...and harga dia pun x semahal tmpt lain. Dia punye design but cantik....

        Happy hunting :)